This website has comprehensive resources on language and culture. It has online testing, courses for both adults and kids. The resources include Chinese knowledge, humor, fable, fairy tale, ancient poem, anecdote, idiom story and riddle.

Chinese Language in the Schools
This website provides useful information for starting a Chinese program, becoming a certified Chinese teacher, and finding Chinese schools. It has many resources, including the latest headlines related to Chinese.

Chinese Language Center
These language resources on this website are comprehensive, unique and innovative to supplement any study program. It has the web's most comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary. The feature I like the most is the Chinese Flashcards. It customized for some of the top textbooks, including Integrated Chinese and New Practical Chinese Reader. The Chinese Memory Game is a very effective tool for the students to review and memorize the Characters.

Chinese Most Powerful Search Engine
This powerful Chinese search engine finds authentic materials in Chinese, such as stories, fables, music, movies, songs and anything related to Chinese language and culture.

This newly designed website has very rich cultural resources. Under the Culture link, it has documentary film clips, cuisine, e-culture, find your name in Chinese, fortune tell and dream cracker. The Learning link features business and essential vocabulary, fast food Chinese and Chinese yoyo. Recommended for the students of the high school and college levels.

Global Chinese Language and Culture Center
Global Chinese Language and Culture Center is an online resource, with all content presented in Chinese, English and Spanish. This site is designed for educators and students. Here you will find numerous links that can be helpful in learning Chinese and about the culture.Click on the links at the The bottom home site to have a virtual guide. The center includes five main categories: Language Classroom, E-school, Cultural Experience, Taiwan Panorama and Discussion Board. Under each category, it has 5-8 sub categories.

The First Emperor: The Man Who Made China

Discovery Channel's new series

The "How Would You Rule China" Quiz is almost entertaining! I really think students would like this...give them a quick overview of what past emperors have done.

三字經 [Sanzi Jing]

Three-Character Classic: A Confucian Roadmap for Kids

Chinese-English words lookup

This webpage has the following useful links:

Look up using Radical/Strokes
Chinese Pronunciations (PinYin)
Era and Timeline of Chinese History
How to configure IME for Chinese data entry
ZhuYin to PinYin mapping table
Converting Traditional to Simplified
Converting Simplified to Traditional
Simpl. and Trad. characters with pronunciations

Game Activity: Using Chopsticks

Game Activity: Using Chopsticks

Hello China - Photo Album

There are photos you can use for introducing Chinese culture.

Interactive Chinese Home
This is an interactive website with flash.
Chinese home, architecture and family geneology tree is displayed.

Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign/Second Language

華語文教學研究所(Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign/Second Language)

Chinese Podcast

Children Songs MP3

Chinese Children’s Songs Mp3’s:

Learn Chinese from Video

Learn Chinese from Video

Chinese Hip Hop

Chinese Hip Hop:

Shanghai Rap

Shanghai Rap:

Chinese Hip Hop Culture

Chinese Hip Hop Culture (for High School):

Mama Lisa

Mama Lisa’s Chinese Children’s Songs:

Pinyin Lesson Plan

Pinyin Lesson Plan:

Chinese New Year Coloring Pages

Chinese New Year Coloring Pages:

The Palace Museum

The Palace Museum:

Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago

Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago:

Media about the CPS Chinese World Language Program

Media about the CPS Chinese World Language Program:

Confucius Institute in Chicago

The Confucius Institute in Chicago:

Spring Festival Links

Here are some useful links from CC for Spring Festival:

Extensive collection of links and activities for elementary teachers.

Good collection of links (Apples for the Teacher)

* Well organized group of links; lessons and worksheets; other links

Teacher vision: extensive links to Chinese culture sites and activities

Activities for elementary or middle school

Extensive and well organized crafts and activities for elementary aged children

Unit Plan: "Chinese Inventions and the Chinese New Year”

Extensive listing of links to teacher resources for Chinese Culture and New Year (Utah Education Network)

A-Z Teacher Stuff

* Sites and Links

CPS Chinese Cultural Heritage Guide

CPS Chinese Cultural Heritage Guide Download (multiple pdf files):

Spring Festival on the River (Qingming Shanghe Tu)

Copied blog from my professor, Dr. Hayford.

Based on a presumed Song Dynasty original by Zhang Zeduan (1085-1145), this scroll painting depicts life in the Song dynasty capital, near present day Kaifeng. The scroll is roughly a foot high. The scroll has become a popular symbol of the sophistication of urban life in traditional China, demonstrating China's high level of development, attested to by Marco Polo slightly later. We see in exquisite detail -- depending on the version -- the sweep from the quiet, prosperous countryside, through the outskirts of the city (including an open air opera), bustling city life, and finally a glimpse of the imperial palace.

Although the original is now lost, we have a number of later copies, or perhaps "repaintings." The Manchu Qianlong Emperor (ruled 1736-1796) had his court painters make authoritative copies, apparently to demonstrate his benevolence, culture, and the prosperity of his realm.

Images from various versions of the scroll have been issued on postage stamps, calendars, and souvenier ash trays.

There are at least three scrollable versions available on the net:

1) A colorful, almost garish version:

2) An older copy, which has useful subsections on various topics such as transportation, shops and commerce, individuals and groups, etc.:

3) One of seven versions held at the Palace Museum in Taibei, which has excellent detail but is slightly awkward to scroll. Click on the picture to enlarge, then move through using the hand tool:

National Consortium for Teaching about Asia

Teaching Implementation Plans from Ohio groups.
Excellent units that can easily be adapted for "Fun Fridays"

Laowai Chinese Resources - good family tree pdf

Chinese Music Files

Wish the chinese characters would show up for me. Some useful music files and they are "legal" too.

Good site for names